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Acceptable Use Policy 





WB4GBI Repeaters Acceptable Use Policy

From Tim, WB4GBI : 

As of May 18, 2016, I am publishing an "Acceptable Use Policy" for all of my repeaters.  Several dedicated Radio Amateur Operators have collaborated in its origination, editing, and publication. While they wish to be anonymous here, they were a huge help in making this document possible. 

You might ask...
Why is this document necessary? 

It is necessary for me to make known what I consider acceptable behavior and what is NOT acceptable. This problem is not specific to me or to East Tennessee...there are other owners and trustees who have published similar documents. In fact, one of them allowed me permission to use their wording for a portion of this document. 

You might say...
There are too many rules! 

No there are not...most of this document, frankly, is common sense. However, now there are known and published expectations for users of my repeaters. I want to remind everyone again that use of ANYONE’s repeater is the equivalent of being invited into their home. In front of their family (i.e., spouse and children). To use equipment that is purchased, installed, and maintained by the owner/trustee himself. For Free of charge. All that is asked by me (and the others who have put repeater equipment on the air) is to show some respect- use and enjoy the equipment in a family friendly and with “good amateur practice.”  I do not believe that is too much to ask. 

You are already “picking on people!”  

No, in fact as this document is published ALL USERS are getting a “clean slate.”  I would like nothing more to keep it that way for a long time. 

You are denying my right to Freedom of Speech!   

Just as it is not “free speech” to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, it is not “Free Speech” when you do so thru a repeater that has SOMEONE ELSE’s license as the repeater call sign. It is his (my) license that you are endangering. I make my living in radio, and I have multiple FCC licenses that I DO NOT want to be placed in jeopardy by someone else.

 I invite your questions, concerns, or comments at the email link below. 

Acceptable Use Policy


Shirley Mizell Berry
June 3, 1938-April 26, 2013
I love you, Mom!!!

Me and My Mom

Utilizing several locations throughout the area, covering several different Amateur Radio bands, the
WB4GBI Repeater system provides East Tennessee with ample repeater service, for both the casual user and the emergency volunteer.

Please use the buttons on the left to navigate through the repeater pages, 
and discover what each repeater site has to offer! 


Here is the latest WB4GBI News


As of July 8, 2016, the Internet connectivity issue that has been plaguing the DMR and D-STAR repeaters has been resolved. Check them out!

As of May 18, 2016, the usage of ALL of the WB4GBI repeaters is now subject to the "Acceptable Use Policy." I regret having to take this action, but recent events have made this necessary. Please see the "Acceptable Use Policy" page on the website. A PDF document is also available for download. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at the link at the bottom of the page. Thank you!  73 de Tim WB4GBI

Acceptable Use Policy


The 146.85 repeater is off the air.  Please check the 146.85 page for more details.

146.850 Mhz WB4GBI/R

As of 1/29/2016, the WB4GBI 146.73 repeater has a brand-new antenna and feed line! It is back at full power and full coverage!
Check  the 146.73 page for details.


The WB4GBI/R 145.43 Mhz repeater is on the air! 

After almost 30 years have passed, the 145.43 repeater will once again operate under the call of WB4GBI! See the 145.430 repeater page for details. 

Yaesu System Fusion mode is coming to the WB4GBI 145.430 repeater very soon!

145.430 repeater


As of 9/18/2015, The 927.0625 repeater is BACK ON THE AIR!!!
Check the 927.0625 page for details.

927.0625 link


As of 9/3/2015, The WB4GBI  440.575 DMR repeater is ON THE AIR!!!  

445.575 input (mobile transmit) 

440.575 output (mobile receive)

Check it out here:  

440.575 Mhz DMR repeater

ALL  WB4GBI repeaters are listed on the web site:  repeaterbook.com.


More information about repeaters throughout the southeast can be obtained by a subscription to the Southeastern Repeater Journal

The Repeater Journal is a publication of SERA -
or better known as the South Eastern Repeater Association, 
of which WB4GBI is a proud FULL member!



All of the WB4GBI repeaters are completely open & available to serve 
the entire Amateur Radio Community!
(Occasionally, there may be a need to place a 118.8 tone on a repeater, 
due to reception problems or other outside interference, 
but this is only to eliminate reception problems - not to close a repeater!)
Thank you for stopping by this web site. 
Please enjoy these pages... and the repeaters... 
as they have been built, tuned, installed and maintained to serve everyone.

Special Note:
Back in early 1995 Tim had an opportunity to honor one of his mentors, George Shaver, K4HXD in a local Ham Club Newsletter.  George was the one person most responsible for taking Tim "under his wing" and showing him how much fun this hobby can be.  Tim's article was in response to George's passing, and he would like to share it with you here.

Ever Wonder why some repeaters just tend to "Act Up" in the dead of winter?!

I wonder why that is...



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