440.575 DMR Repeater

 6  Meters

2 - Meters





900 Mhz 


D-STAR repeater

Acceptable Use Policy




Repeater Model:
Motorola MTR3000

Power: 100 Watts

Celwave PD-526-4
Six-Cavity BPBR

Decibel Products DB-408

Antenna Height:
approx 100 ft AGL

Repeater Site:
WIVK-FM transmitter
site, Bluff Mountain, (Greentop), Sevier County, TN

Repeater Site HAMSL:
3100 ft AMSL



The WB4GBI 440.575 repeater is co-located with the 146.940, 444.300, 927.0625, and the 144.94 D-Star repeater on Bluff Mountain (Greentop) in Sevier County, Tennessee. It was placed on the air in its permanent home on September 3rd, 2015.  The repeater is a Motorola MTR-3000 100 watt UHF repeater. It is affiliated with the "Brandmeister" DMR repeater network. 


Here is an article on DMR from Wikipedia, the free web encyclopedia

What kind of radios are available for DMR? 

Here are some manufacturers of DMR radios: 

Connect Systems






Getting Started on DMR 

Getting started with DMR is easy! Just follow the four steps below and you’ll be up and running in no time!

1. Check for DMR Coverage

Verify that you are within the coverage area of the  DMR repeaters in your area.  DMR repeaters in Tennessee are listed here. Coverage maps can be created and reviewed on the Brandmeister Network  website.

2. Get a Subscriber ID

All radios on ham radio DMR networks require a unique Subscriber ID, so you will need to have one assigned before you can program your radio to operate on a DMR repeater. If you intend to have more than one DMR radio active at any given time, then you should request a Subscriber ID for each radio.

Apply for a Subscriber ID

Within about 24 hours, you should receive your Subscriber ID via email. Please do not transmit with your DMR radio until you have received a Subscriber ID and have this programmed into your radio. Using ad-hoc Subscriber ID numbers will cause conflicts with other users on the network.

3. Obtain a DMR Radio

Obtain a DMR radio, the programming software and cable (if required for your desired radio model) from one of the sources listed on the VA3XPR FAQ page.

4. Program your DMR radio

Program your DMR radio using the DMR repeater specifications found on the  Brandmeister Network website by clicking on DMR repeaters in your local area, plus the Subscriber ID you received via e-mail. Here is a link to several "YouTube" videos for DMR radio programming. There are also pre-programmed codeplugs available for certain types of radios, depending on your radio brand and location.  Contact Tim, WB4GBI, for further information. An email link is located on the home page of this website. 

440.575 repeater

Here is a photo of the WB4GBI 440.575 DMR repeater (top), along with the WB4GBI 927.0625 repeater (bottom) . From the green and blue LED indicator lights, its on the air ! The KM4JXA 144.94 D-Star repeater is to the left. 

Here is a listing of suggested talk groups for the Tennessee Brandmeister DMR repeaters:

Talkgroup Name            Talkgroup #          Time Slot         Description

Local                                          9                             1                   Always On  
TN Statewide                       3147                           2                  Always On
TAC 310                                  310                           1                  On Demand
TAC 311                                  311                           1                  On Demand
TAC 312                                  312                           1                  On Demand
Southeast BM                     31094                         1                  On Demand
North America BM                 93                            1                  On Demand
Nationwide BM                     3100                         1                  On Demand
World Wide BM                       91                            1                  On Demand
Kentucky Statewide            3121                         1                  On Demand
Georgia Statewide               3113                         1                  On Demand
Texas Statewide                   3148                          1                 On Demand
Virginia  Statewide               3151                         1                  On Demand
North Carolina Statewide   3137                         1                  On Demand           
Mississippi Statewide        3128                          1                  On Demand
Alabama  Statewide             3101                          1                  On Demand

Arkansas Statewide             3105                          1                 On Demand
Missouri  Statewide              3129                          1                 On Demand
South Carolina  Statewide  3145                          1                 On Demand
Florida Statewide                  3112                         1                 On Demand

Ohio  Statewide                     3139                         1                  On Demand   
Echo Test                               9990                           1                  On Demand
DMR Simplex                           99                             1                  On Demand
Greeneville BM                   314704                         1                  On Demand
Morristown BM                   314712                         1                  On Demand
Knoxville BM                       314703                         1                  On Demand
Sevierville BM                     314705                         1                   On Demand
Chattanooga BM                314716                        1                    On Demand
Gallatin BM                          314709                        1                    On Demand
Announce                              5000                          1                    On Demand

Here is a complete PDF document of all Brandmeister talkgroups. 

* TN Statewide Only On Time Slot 2
* No Private Calls Allowed

A talk group which is “always on” meaning it is static or always sent to the repeater on the assigned time slot without any user intervention.

On demand talk groups are available dynamically meaning it is only sent to the repeater when a local user keys up that talk group. The talk group will be sent to the repeater for a period of 15 minutes after the most recent key up by a local user.

The BM talk group for each repeater sets a talkgroup to match the repeater's ID number. Now you can bring up one of the repeaters from  anywhere worldwide,  if you have a BrandMeister connected repeater or hotspot.  Please note: These talk groups are On Demand,  and would have to be brought up by a local user local for the guest via the web to be heard locally.  


Thanks to Jeff, K4MFD, for the list above!