Please note that ALL WB4GBI repeaters are recorded 24 hours per day.

These repeaters are “G” rated at all times. Anything that is not suitable for ALL audiences is NOT welcome on WB4GBI systems.


For a downloadable PDF copy of the WB4GBI Acceptable use Policy, please click here. 


Acceptable Use Policy,


Conduct and Etiquette of Using the WB4GBI Repeater Systems



Tim Berry, the WB4GBI Repeater System owner/operator, along with the system control operators recognize that most guests of the repeater system are included in the majority of East Tennessee ham radio operators who conduct themselves according to traditional amateur radio values — keeping the hobby friendly, inviting, and comfortable for all. Thank you for your shining examples of best practice.

Accordingly, the repeater system recognizes and promotes the values found in the Radio Amateur’s Code (adapted from the original Amateur's Code, written by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA, in 1928) as follows:

The Radio Amateur is

-          CONSIDERATE...He/[She] never knowingly operates in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

-          LOYAL...He/[She] offers loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs, the IARU Radio Society in his/[her] country, through which Amateur Radio in his/[her] country is represented nationally and internationally.

-          PROGRESSIVE...He/[She] keeps his/[her] station up to date.  It is well-built and efficient.  His/[Her] operating practice is above reproach.

-          FRIENDLY...He/[She] operates slowly and patiently when requested; offers friendly advice and counsel to beginners; kind assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the marks of the amateur spirit.

-          BALANCED...Radio is a hobby, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

-          PATRIOTIC...His/[Her] station and skills are always ready for service to country and community.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that I, Tim Berry – WB4GBI, and my control operators expect any and all ham operators using my repeater systems as my guest to be respectful of others including an effort focused on the upholding of traditional amateur radio values.

Unfortunately, the actions and conduct of a very small minority of guest-users have left me no choice but to increase rigor applied to the WB4GBI license and my repeater systems.


Thus, it is with deepest regret that it has become necessary for the WB4GBI Repeater Systems to enact, publish, and to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy along with updates to the Repeater Etiquette Guidance originally published on in 2012. This document is the result of a collaboration of 5 different amateur radio operators. I sincerely appreciate their time and efforts. 


Tim Berry, WB4GBI


So you may understand that Acceptable Use Policies are not unique to WB4GBI Repeater Systems,

Many repeater owners and groups have acceptable use policies.

here are some - Selected Examples of Amateur Radio Club Repeater Operation Rules provided by

The Target System   WB1GOF Repeater Rules of Conduct  K5QHD Repeater Usage Rules and Guidelines  Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club Repeater Operation Rules  The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club of New York  Interstate Repeater Society of New Hampshire Repeater Conduct  Arlington Radio Public Service Club  Condor Connection Guidelines  Private system policies and rules and also - MAARS Milwaukee Area Amateur Society Repeater Policy 

Also, please check out -

N1BUG/R Acceptable Use Policy  and notably, Paul N1BUG’s Open Letter to Repeater Users… My intent is to avoid this in our area, and the WB4GBI Systems at all costs. We will never be 100% perfect, but we always try to do what is right.

Note: You may find typical repeater-building info here and perhaps it will provide insight regarding why repeater owners care about their investment, equipment, community, and operating license(s).

The updated WB4GBI Systems policy is as follows:




-          FCC Part 97.205(e) **


Although I (WB4GBI) and the system control operators greatly prefer that repeater system guests would simply follow any reasonable expectations of polite conduct (i.e. the kind that does not draw sysop attention), please be aware that the FCC supports a repeater owner's right to control the access… and, use… of owner’s repeaters for any reason.

In fact, there have been many cases (including even a few in Tennessee) where the FCC has upheld a repeater owner’s banning of individuals from using a repeater because of violations of rules or guidance put in place by the repeater owner. The FCC has even upheld preemptive intervention by the owner.

Within FCC rules governing amateur radio, 97.205(e) states, in part — "Limiting the use of a repeater to only certain user stations is permissible." Furthermore, Part 97 does not require that any reason be given for limiting who can use a repeater (and reasoning is left up to the repeater owners).

“The licensee of any amateur station has the right to limit the use of his or her station to only certain other licensees!” **

Additionally – “There's no rule which requires the repeater owner to let you use it. A repeater is not a public utility--you don't have a "right" to use it! When you are using someone else's repeater you are, in effect, a visitor in the owner’s station. So, you should conduct yourself accordingly. If you use that station in a manner which the owner finds objectionable, that person has every right to revoke your privilege of using it.” **

**(Source: The FCC Rule Book and Repeater FAQs published by ARRL)






-         Goodwill towards all operators, not just “the regulars”


To quote a fellow repeater owner and operator –

o        Why does it matter? It's just a local repeater? Consider this: We have people from all orientations and walks of life living and travelling among us. They all should feel welcome in ham radio.

o        “Anyone can listen to repeaters on a scanner or receiver. Anyone with a receiver and an internet connection can stream audio from the repeater worldwide over the internet. I have no means of detecting or preventing this. I know of at least two cases where it was done without my knowledge at the time.” Note – a repeater user’s content may be re-broadcast to anywhere, anytime from a WB4GBI repeater output…to anyone. So, keep it clean AND polite. You may not be just talking among yourselves! 


-         Repeater Owner Responsibilities


As often noted, my rules are based mostly on courtesy, respect, and tolerance for others. Any licensed amateur radio operator who is willing to abide by these simple rules may freely use my repeater system.


I welcome you and hope you have many enjoyable conversations on all of my repeaters.  However, beyond the FCC minimum requirements, it is left up to every repeater owner to enact their own set of repeater operating rules.


Some owners have no rules at all, while others are very restrictive. In each circumstance, a repeater user (i.e. a guest on the system) is expected to understand that repeater owner’s position on what is deemed socially acceptable behavior, and the owner’s expectations of conduct and protocol. The owner then expects guest-users to behave and conduct their operations as requested.



-         Hey! It’s my license(s) at risk!!


I am not just Tim, WB4GBI. I am Tim Berry, Broadcast Engineer. I make my living by commercial radio. That means I hold other FCC licenses (plural) that may be affected by guest-user conduct. So, any action against one license (for example, the recent complaints to the FCC regarding WB4GBI/R systems) brings ALL of my licenses under unnecessary scrutiny.


 Furthermore, not only does my commercial radio license allow me to earn a living in my primary job, it ALSO allows me to take on side-jobs that PAY FOR THE REPEATERS THAT YOU USE.


So here are the -

BASIC Rules (Acceptable Use Policy) for Using WB4GBI Repeater Systems:

Please note that ALL WB4GBI repeaters are recorded 24 hours per day.

These repeaters are “G” rated at all times. Anything that is not suitable for ALL audiences is NOT welcome on WB4GBI systems.


The WB4GBI repeater systems cover a very large area of Eastern Tennessee (several of the repeaters have multi-state coverage). The systems have a total of 14 repeaters, including one unit on 6 meters, 8 units on two meters, one on 222, two on 440 (including one DMR), one on 900, and one on 2M DSTAR.


The systems are very active, and it is not unusual to find guest-users on the WB4GBI repeater systems almost all of the time, 24 hours a day.


As noted in this document, Tim Berry, WB4GBI, owns and takes responsibility for his systems repeaters.  However, like other repeater owners, he has recognized that no one person could possibly be responsible for, and monitor, all of the activity on all of the repeaters in the systems.


By regulation, Amateur Radio Operators are required to be “self-policing”. On WB4GBI Systems, each operator is expected to do this in two ways – by ensuring that their own individual conduct of operations is above reproach; and also by exhorting and challenging other operators to present their best practice on the air.   A good operator that is already engaged in a QSO should politely note that a discussion or practice has “crossed the line” and then demur from further involvement in a QSO gone bad.  (Note: if you are not already engaged, PLEASE DO NOT “jump in” and correct any conduct. Leave that up to a Control Operator or Owner in the absence of QSO participants.) Instead, please see the following:


It is recommended that -  Any alleged FCC violations and/or bad behavior should be noted by forwarding the date and time of observation for review to the WB4GBI Owner at .


Tim WB4GBI has identified a number of dedicated amateur radio operators willing to contribute their expertise as Control Operators.  Thus Tim is assisted by these owner-assigned Control Operators who represent his interests, assume operator-granted roles of responsibility in technical and regulatory areas, and hold operator-granted authority to ensure the proper operation of the repeater hardware.  These Control Operators also assist the guest-users with abiding by the FCC Part 97 rules and WB4GBI System procedures as noted in this Acceptable Use Policy. Although there are exceptions ( e.g., the lead control operator) Control Operators are generally not identified for reasons of privacy, to minimize harassment, and to direct guest-user feedback to the System Owner. Please note – Control Operators (and the Owner) have a life too.  If they are listening closely, it is solely because of illegal operations or bad behavior. All Control Operators report directly to and take direction from the System Owner; they implement and enforce his policy, not theirs.


Also please understand, that when you use a WB4GBI repeater, you ARE using the license issued to Tim Berry. It is HIS license that re-transmits the signal which its legally-coordinated receiver input hears.

However, each individual Amateur Radio Operator is responsible as licensed for their own transmissions and the content that they transmit, therefore, when some individuals are not maintaining responsibility, Tim must step in with preventive/preemptive, corrective and/or interceptive/intervention measures for purposes of protecting his license.


Simply put, the owner and control operators, and the overwhelming majority of guest-users of WB4GBI Systems are concerned with fostering personal character, not creating or entertaining characters.  We remember and honor the gentlemen-Elmers that we came up under wing — such as W4RRS, W4FYQ, K4EJP, W4HI, K4LTA, K4PJ, K4RIG, WB4HAP, K4HXD and many others — And we also hope to leave behind a noble ham radio legacy.


There are certain types of conversations and transmissions which are not appropriate for WB4GBI Repeater Systems. Gravely, it falls upon the WB4GBI Systems Owner to make the determinations regarding unsuitable content – there are no appeals to the final decisions made by the Owner.


In a word –


These repeater systems are not your personal entertainment system. They are a shared community resource, and are “G” rated at all times. Anything that is not suitable for ALL AGES AND audiences is NOT welcome on WB4GBI REPEATER systems.  [Please* don’t make us elaborate on why, even in jest - it is not suitable on-air to phonetically spell out curse words, call someone “retarded”, or speak of “beating up someone” or “slapping your wife or waitress” or “shooting someone”]


IN order to best serve All guest-users, Tim Berry, WB4GBI REPEATER SystemS owner, Reserves the right to enforce any AND ALL of the following:


At a minimum, Violation of the major Policies, and/or RULES OF ETIQUETTE AND CONDUCT listed below will place THE offender in dire risk of Enforcement policy, up to and including immediate ban from use of ALL WB4GBI REPEATER systems.



Acceptable Use Policy: Major Policies

The Repeater Owner will have the final say on any repeater systems operation and/or guest-user access, as he holds final authority granted to him by FCC Regulation.  The WB4GBI Acceptable Use Policy may be periodically reviewed and revised by WB4GBI System Owner. Guest-users are responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to this Policy. Conduct on the repeaters should also be governed by common sense and courtesy, including the use of plain language (technical acronyms are fine). Just talk normal! Please don't give bad impressions of our services by making thoughtless or off-color remarks. Instead, set an example which others will be proud to follow!

Questions may be forwarded to .


A.    Do not violate any provision of FCC Part 97. Period. If it becomes apparent that a guest-user is willfully ignorant of, and/or disregarding FCC regulation, that station may be asked by the Owner or his Control Operators to immediately cease transmissions and to review FCC requirements before returning on-air with the WB4GBI Repeater Systems.  Alternately, the repeater in use at the time of violation may be shut down without warning (this includes rebroadcast of public service frequencies and pecuniary interest violations - inadvertent or intentional)


B.     Refrain from discussing religion excessively. Criticizing or ridiculing (as opposed to discussing, clarifying, or edifying) anyone else's religious beliefs will not be tolerated.


C.    The political season is upon us, and is this topic is very highly charged. However, most ham operators of voting age already know who they are going to support, and no amount of persuasion will change an individual’s political position and platform. THUS, please refrain from discussing politics excessively. While better avoided entirely, a few brief remarks pertaining to domestic politics are OK... Occasionally. Somewhat. Raised voices and/or name calling (even in jest) will NOT be tolerated. Frequently repeating a political opinion / soliloquy will be considered excessive. Criticism of foreign politics and policies of other countries IS NOT OK. Please note that this section in particular is subject to “Repeater Appreciation Time” at a point when a listener break is desperately needed.

D.    Do not engage in political, religious, or personal soap boxing (can be related to B & C above). Soap boxing (often during overly long conversations), is when people carry on a conversation on the repeater that is a thinly disguised broadcast of personal rhetoric (especially when often repeated over time). The subject is generally to "put down" or ridicule an institution, group, or an individual in the presence of as wide an audience as possible (repeater listeners). This is very objectionable to other guest-users and listeners. Using the WB4GBI Systems repeaters as a platform for soap boxing of any sort, especially harassing or baiting / ridiculing of other ham operators, is unacceptable.

E.     Do not belittle, berate, defame or speak ill of others….period. This includes individuals, groups, nations, etc. Using words such as idiot, stupid, hate monger, etc. in reference to any person, entity or group will not be tolerated.

F.     DO NOT REBROADCAST OR OTHERWISE ANNOUNCE LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITY!! Placing LEO personnel or their work at risk will not be tolerated. This offense can cause immediate banning of the offender per System Enforcement Policy.


G.    Emergency Traffic, Service NETS, and Special Events sanctioned by the WB4GBI System hold absolute priority over routine use of Systems resources.

Are we talking about censorship? No, not exactly. A person may have the right to stand on the street and say bad things about someone. However, they don’t have the same right when they are a guest in that person’s house and expect to stay welcome. When using the WB4GBI Systems repeaters, you are a guest operator of Tim’s station, and no one retains the right to use his Systems and repeaters in ways that he feels are objectionable.

WB4GBI and his control operators are saddened that the following list had to be created in the first place; By regulation, Amateur Radio Operators are required to be “self-policing”. Each guest-user is expected to do this in two ways – by ensuring that their own conduct of operations is above reproach, and also exhorting and challenging other operators to present their best practice on the air.

In the event that guest-users become derelict in their charge, repeater owners must step in –  thus, violating the preceding MAJOR POLICIES and the following Rules of ETIQUETTE AND CONDUCT will put any guest operator at immediate risk of any and all of the Enforcement Policy listed below:


Acceptable Use Policy: Rules of ETIQUETTE AND CONDUCT

The following information is a simple guide (and are also System rules guest-users are expected to follow) to supplement our Major Rules and foster courteous operation on WB4GBI Systems amateur radio repeaters. It is inspired by best-practices reported from repeater owners and operators across the country (some who have adopted zero-tolerance for violations and discourteous behavior). We cannot possibly cover all situations, but these are largely based on real experiences on the WB4GBI Systems. (links to other owner’s examples are found above).


If you operate by these simple guidelines, you should be welcomed on any amateur radio repeater, including those of WB4GBI Systems:  

1.)    There shall be absolutely no communications containing obscene, indecent, or profane words, language, or meaning. Period. Even 'mild' obscenities are not good operating practice and are prohibited on WB4GBI Systems. This includes suggestive phrases, innuendo (sexual or otherwise), and suggestive phonetics OR enunciation of such using Morse Code.

1A.) Juvenile behavior is not appropriate for the repeater. Talk like mature and polite adults.

2.) Do not monopolize the repeater.  The repeater is a SHARED resource. Please be attentive to the amount of time you use the system during a given day, thereby allowing more amateurs the opportunity to use the system under their terms and topics. Long winded QSO's discourage other guest-users from making use of the system (and no, not everyone wants to break up or join a multiple-hours QSO). So, please be courteous to your fellow operators while using our system. Remember that several of WB4GBI repeaters have very wide coverage. Please use the appropriate resources (simplex per ARRL Band Plan or WB4GBI’s shorter-range repeaters) for extended-duration local coverage QSO’s (i.e. more than ½ hour). Remember, if you have a second receiver, it can be used to listen for friends on a repeater while you conduct long-term QSOs on simplex or a shorter-range repeater.


Note: Other hams probably want to use the repeater but might not be interested in the subject your group is discussing. None of us should monopolize the repeater, even unintentionally.


Note: It’s not enough to just pause now and then and invite others to join in. They may just not be interested in the topic. Be polite, and don’t be a "repeater hog."

3.)  Don’t just break up a QSO and change the topic (hint, you can wait until they finish their discussion);
Do not interrupt existing conversations unless you have something meaningful to add. If you feel compelled to interrupt an existing conversation, remember that it is just as distasteful to do so on the air than if you did it in person.  Would you barge into a roomful of people engaged in a discussion without saying anything of interest? Or even worse, saying something completely unrelated to the topic of conversation? If you do “jump in”, please be patient and keep in mind that previous parties may wish to take a moment to finish their line of thought.

4.) Ignore jammers and others who try to disrupt the repeater's normal operation.  Without any reaction from the repeater users, they will have no audience and probably go away in short order. When you attempt to engage them, it only fuels their actions. If you feel compelled to help, DO check the repeater input and report your observations (signal strength and other identifiable attributes) to WB4GBI via email or private message. Please note, local East TN repeater owners cooperate in association with a network of individuals capable of tracking jammers, and who have successfully located and identified a number of offender’s identities to appropriate intervention or enforcement contacts.  

5.)  You May BE the Problem - Note: If you are someone who is the subject of frequent interference, it may be a sign that you are aggravating people with your operating habits.  This may be a sign that it is time for you to adjust your attitude and use of the repeater (no trolling for purposes of self-entertainment by controversy is allowed).  Repeater-use history has shown that those who have the most trouble with jammers are often the ones who have caused the most friction or controversy amongst the repeater’s guest-users.


A very wise guest-user noted the following, and we agree with their sentiment – I am a fan of Aesop’s Fables and there is one called the ‘Donkey and the Purchaser’ that defines my repeater use. It ends with a common phrase that we all know‘You Are Known by the Company You Keep’. When every other phrase is hitting your wife, beating up a waitress, threats of physical violence or shooting someone, that is not company that I want to keep. But that reminds me of another Aesop The Farmer and the Stork, the moral of which is, ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’.”

6a.)  “For Identification” - The WB4GBI System understands the minimal FCC requirements set for identification, however, FCC regulation also allows repeater owners to set additional guidance and rules for use of their repeater systems; Thus – while on WB4GBI Systems, please transmit your call sign when you first come on the air, in order to state the source of the signal being transmitted (i.e. While on WB4GBI Systems, make no unidentified initial transmissions, please).  Make sure that your station transmits its ID a minimum of once every 10 minutes (you are encouraged to operate in good practice, but there is no need to identify too often).    If a contact is less than 10 minutes, please give your station’s call sign as you end the contact. Please ignore stations that break-in without identifying.

6b.) Unidentified transmissions are not allowed. Period…. (this includes “kerchunking the repeater”)… it’s prohibited by FCC regulation. However, testing the repeater is allowable with identification included.  Simply say your call sign and the word “test” (e.g. “WB4GBI test”, or “WB4GBI needing a signal report, please”). When testing is complete, please say your call sign plus the word “clear” (e.g. “WB4GBI clear”).

7.)  Don’t do these! Don't cough, clear your throat, sneeze, perform other bodily functions, etc., on the air; Please un-key your microphone before these “emissions” take place.

8.)  Be upbeat and courteous.  Don't habitually complain!  This especially includes complaining about other hams, the repeater, or some aspect of the hobby. 


A guest-user notes – “We got a *lot* of on-air complaining and moaning, and “they dun done me wrong” and “Ima gonna or Ima oughta get them back” or “laugh at them when someone does it for me!”, and “they deserved it” stuff.” We all deal with life, discourteous drivers, and LIDS (what’s a LID?!!). Please don't continuously re-live / describe their actions to us on the air. Once is plenty enough. If a ham operator or other person offends you, don’t make the rest of us hear about it for the rest of our lives.

9.)  Do NOT use the word "break" to join a conversation.  It is not considered good operating practice and in most circles the word "break" is reserved for announcing emergencies.  If you simply want to join in, simply transmit your call sign.

10.)  Promptly acknowledge any break-in stations and permit them to join the conversation or make a quick call.
Always - immediately yield the frequency to a breaking station with emergency traffic.

11.)  Please do not use phrases learned on 11 meters, and please use appropriate language for operating ham repeaters.  - Please speak plain English…period -   the truth is, the scanning public needs to hear good operating practice, and…
most Amateur Radio operators find the sound of CB lingo worse than fingernails on a blackboard. The main thing to remember is to just talk in a normal manner.

Talk just like you would to someone in person. There's nothing different about talking over the radio. Using slang jargon on FM repeaters just labels a person as a LID. In summary, Conduct on the repeaters should be governed by common sense and courtesy, and the use of plain language (technical acronyms are fine). Just talk normal! Please don't give bad impressions of our amateur radio services by making thoughtless or off-color remarks or using arcane jargon. Instead, set an example which others will be proud to follow!

12.)  Be considerate during commuting hours (6-9AM and 4-7PM drive times) should be left to the many mobile stations who have limited time to converse.  The repeater is there to help extend the range of mobiles and portables, so be courteous and give them priority during commuting hours.

13.) Roundtables - Following a roundtable, or rotation format is the best way for 3 or more to participate.  Please don't ignore people by not passing it to them for several turns.

14.)  Courtesy “Over” - Not all amateur radio repeaters have "courtesy tones".  In some cases, we rely on courteous operators rather than courtesy tones.  Please provide a brief pause between transmissions in order to allow folks to join in.  Please do not "quick key" to respond to others. People breaking into / joining a conversation should transmit their call sign when the currently transmitting station un-keys.  You do not have to wait for the repeater tail to drop.

For people already in the conversation, we suggest that before you key the mic, count to three (allow others an opportunity), transmit for a moment, then let up to ensure that you are not doubling (or tripling, or quadrupling!), then continue your transmission. It's not hard. Maybe <shudder> even consider letting the repeater drop out for a moment during crowded QSOs.

15.) Equipment - There are no minimum “equipment requirements” on WB4GBI systems. Just do your best to maintain a communications quality signal, and understand that the listening audience certainly appreciates a “full-quieting” signal more than a “scratchy” one.  Technical assistance is available to help you achieve your higher signal-quality goals.


16.) Intimidation is not allowed – direct, implied, inferred, or threats (“joking” or otherwise). Period.

17.) “Advisory Intimidation” is not allowed – including any – joking or otherwise… advisory or provocation to physically harm others (example “you ought to shoot Joe” or “You should slap your waitress or your wife”). It’s simply derogatory.



18.) Pecuniary Interest – Guest-users shall NOT have even the appearance of conducting business-related activities; i.e. pecuniary interest (several have advertised their or their employer’s shops and services, which is not permissible)

19.) Guest-users shall NOT suggest, advise, or otherwise recommend any illegal activity. Period… In any context. Weasel words will not change the inference involved, so just don’t do it.

20.) When using WB4GBI Systems, on-the-air advertisement of personally-owned HAM RADIO related items is permitted, as long as prices are not discussed on the air, and the deal is not consummated on the air.



Please note that ALL WB4GBI repeaters are recorded 24 hours per day.

These repeaters are “G” rated at all times. Anything that is not suitable for ALL audiences is NOT welcome on WB4GBI systems.


Tim WB4GBI, the System Owner, and his assigned Control Operators prefer NOT to intervene on any given conversations held on the System’s repeaters.  Guest-users are expected to “play by the house rules” which are provided in the sections above which are titled “Acceptable Use Policy: Major Policiesand also Acceptable Use Policy: Rules of ETIQUETTE AND CONDUCT”.  When guest-users exceed the boundaries described above, or exhibit behaviors deemed to be out of line with intent expressed above, then access to WB4GBI System resources is subject to evaluation, restriction, and enforcement.


Enforcement Pathways Include the following:


-          1. First warning: Verbal reminder, email, phone call, or private message (via Control Operators OR Owner). Multiple violations are subject to Written Warning.


-          2. Written Warning - Offender is given a formal written warning (via Owner) and Offender is placed under routine moderation by Control Operators (you now have our undivided attention when we hear you on the air)


-          3. Continued violation after Written Warning: Individual will be formally banned from the System by Owner. Attempts to use the repeater for other than bona fide emergency after being banned will lead to a complaint filed by the System Owner to the FCC, and relevant civil law options exercised.

-          Note: The repeater owner retains the right to bypass all warnings in lieu of issuing an “immediate ban” for gross violations of the Acceptable Use Policy


-          Note: The WB4GBI Systems Owner retains rights to issue Preemptive Letters as may be required, in order to ensure at-large compliance with Acceptable Use Policy 

-          Note: In some circumstances, some repeaters will require 100% Control Operator coverage, and have to be shut down due to lack of Control Operator availability. In these cases, the System Owner advises guest-users to review the Acceptable Use Policy and adjust operating practices until “Automatic Control” is resumed. 


-          Note: In certain circumstances, Control Operators, Lead Control Operator, or the System Owner may not be able to respond as quickly as some guest-users might expect; For example, they may have stepped out of the room, be on the phone, or otherwise diverted from providing instant responses to radio-induced situations.  They may even allow a conversation to finish in order to not directly affect the innocent who also happen to be in the QSO (In fact, the system management may be conferring with the Owner to determine an appropriate response). Therefore – “deferred intervention” may take place (after the fact), and additionally, information regarding any interventions (shutdowns, phone calls, etc.) may or may not be shared with the general audiences. In all cases however, guest-users are encouraged to review the Acceptable Use Policy for reasonable explanations.


-          Note: A repeater may be turned off for “kerchunking”. Guest-users are advised to review the section above regarding unidentified transmissions.


-          Note: A repeater can be turned off for “doesn’t play well with others” (and also failure to read & follow policies)

-          Note: A repeater will often be turned off for the reasons including — antagonism, baiting, trolling, grousing / griping at guest-users, broadcasting of music, and other content rebroadcasting, and interference. Under these causes, the repeater will stay off the air as long as warranted.


-          Note: Guest-users may not agree with the reasoning, timing, or severity (or the lack of) of any applied “intervention”, however the Owner makes every attempt to find full understanding of each situation, take a reasonable balance from a perspective of ham-radio and community standards, and has charged his team to do the same.


-          The RESET – (everyone starts from scratch):  Thank you for reading all the way through the Acceptable Use Policy. As this is the initial release of the Policy, Tim Berry, WB4GBI, Owner of WB4GBI Repeater Systems has “cleared the slate”.  No violations or warnings prior to this initial release of Acceptable Use Policy will be held in consideration of future “intervention” or application of Enforcement Policy.  All guest-users of the System start the new Policy era with “zero-balance”. As always, the Owner and Control Operators expect that guest-users “play by the house rules” which are provided in the sections above, and which are titled “Acceptable Use Policy: Major Policies” and also “Acceptable Use Policy: Rules of ETIQUETTE AND CONDUCT”.  


73 and GOOD QSO TO ALL! de Tim Berry, WB4GBI, and the WB4GBI Systems Team.