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Yaesu DR-2X
System Fusion

Crescend Technologies
100 watt continuous duty

TX/RX six cavity

Sinclair SD-224
200 ft above ground

Motorola "Spectra Tac"
UHF receiver
Broadcast Tools
DTD-16 DTMF decoder

WJBZ transmitter site
Bays Mountain
Knox/Sevier County, TN
Ground HAMSL: 1325 ft 
 Antenna HAAT: 478ft
Antenna HAG: 200 ft

WIRES-X node # 33731

ON THE AIR! Yaesu Wires-X node 33731 and room 43731 is active! 
The WB4GBI 145.43 repeater features
Yaesu "System Fusion" mode!
WB4GBI is Wires-X
Node ID 33731
Room 43731

Here is a photo of the repeater system as it was installed. This the front view. The repeater is at the top of the cabinet, then right below it is the control shelf, then the Motorola "Maxtrac" UHF control receiver. The Crescend power amplifier is just above the power supply. The repeater and control equipment is powered by the Motorola "Micor" series power supply, located in the middle of the cabinet. The six-cavity TX/RX duplexer is mounted in the bottom of the cabinet. There is an addtional cavity filter in line with the receive side, located in the rear of the cabinet.  

Below is a rear view of the repeater.  


The SD-224 antenna is mounted on the top of the 200 ft tower, as seen below. 

145.430 antenna

A brief history of the 145.43 repeater:

In 1982, the 145.43 frequency was originally coordinated by SERA to WB4GBI. It operated at View Park Hill (the present 145.17 site) until Tim, WB4GBI moved to North Carolina in 1987. At that time, Tim returned the frequency to SERA for re-coordination. It was then operated by several different owners, with the last one being the Kerbela Amateur Radio Service (WB4YLC).  In September of 2015, the Kerbela Amateur Service returned the 145.43 repeater coordination to the person who coordinated it originally...WB4GBI! 

 Many thanks to WJBZ for their support of Amateur Radio!

Praise 96.3 WJBZ

The NEW WB4GBI 145.43 repeater  features the Yaesu "System Fusion" digital mode! A NEW Yeasu DRX-2 Fusion repeater was acquired on 12/27/2017.  The repeater, antennae, feed lines, and cabinet with duplexer was installed on 4/13/2018. The original power amplifier was removed in January 2019, after it failed and was transmittering spurious emmissions. The replacement PA and repeater were re-installed and placed in service on April 27, 2019. 


Some photos from installation of the 145.43 repeater: 

The antenna ready for installation                                     "rigging" the tower
  The new Sinclair SD-224, ready to install            Kerry Klimecki, Tower Services,  "Rigging" the tower                                  


Preparing the 1 1/4" line for a connector                                      The UHF repeater control antenna