144.94 dstar repeater


2 - Meters

145.43 repeater





900 Mhz 
927.0625 repeater

440 Mhz DMR 

440.575 DMR

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Repeater Model: 
Icom RP-2000V

Repeater Controller:
Icom RP-2C

Icom G3 Gateway software installed

Power: 25 Watts 

EML labs (Celwave) VHF
Six-Cavity BPBR 

Decibel DB-222

Additional Filtering :
DB Products 3-cavity High "Q" pass filter

Antenna Height: 
approx 100 ft AGL

LDF 7/8" feed line

Repeater Site: 
WIVK-FM transmitter 
site, Bluff Mountain, (Greentop), Sevier County, TN 

Repeater Site HAMSL: 
3100 ft AMSL

K4HXD D-Star Repeater 

147.44 in 144.94 out



From Tim, WB4GBI: On a visit to the repeater site on April 21, 2019, it was discovered that the DStar repeater was operating into a high VSWR. To prevent damage to the repeater itself, The 144.94 D-Star repeater was  shut down until a tower crew could check the heliax termination and antenna. In May, the repeater's server computer suffered lightning damage, and needed a new ethernet card. In August, I was able to have a professional tower company replace the antenna.   On October 6th, 2019, the internet gateway issue, which had been present since the server computer had been repaired, was resolved. The repeater system is now fully functional!  Enjoy! 

 PLEASE NOTE: The callsingn for the D-Star repeater has been changed to K4HXD. If you had previously programmed your D-Star radio for the old call sign (KM4JXA),  you will need to re-program your radio. I chose to change the callsign to honor my repeater mentor, George Shaver, who became a silent key in 1995.  

The K4HXD repeater is normally connected to Reflector 1C. Feel free to change to another reflector if you so desire. The repeater will be automatically connected to the Kentucky D-Star net on Thursdays at 7 PM, the Tennessee D-Star net on Fridays at 7 PM, the Southeastern Weather Net on Sunday evenings at 9 PM, and linked to reflector 1C at all other times. Thank you for your patience!  73 de Tim WB4GBI  

The K4HXD D-STAR repeater is located on Bluff Mountain (Greentop) in Sevier County, Tennessee. It shares the site with the WB4GBI 146.940, 146.850, 444.300, 927.0625, and the 440.575 DMR repeater. 


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The K4HXD callsign is licensed to the East Tennessee Digital Radio Group, trustee WB4GBI. Due to the necessity to have a separate callsign for the D-Star repeater, the ETDRG was formed. The K4HXD callsign honors the founder of 146.94, 147.075, and 444.300,  now operated by WB4GBI. 

The K4HXD D-Star repeater operates on a non 600 Khz offset frequency of 147.44 receive (mobile transmit), 144.94 transmit (mobile receive). This combination of frequencies is now specifically assigned for digital repeate usage by SERA, of which K4HXD/WB4GBI is a member. The K4HXD repeater is also now included in database downloads from the D-Star information website, www.dstarinfo.com

New to D-Star? You will need to register your callsign in the D-Star database. Here is a link for you to do so.

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Here is a photo of the K4HXD D-Star repeater in its home. The black cabinet in the foreground houses the repeater controller, 2 meter D-Star repeater itself, the six-cavity VHF duplexer, power supply, and the Linux-based computer server necessary for internet operation and access. The three tuned cavities for receiver filtering are to the left of the D-Star cabinet.