146.73 - English Mountain


2 - Meters



147.150 repeater 



900 Mhz


D-STAR repeater


440.575 Mhz DMR repeater

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Input 146.130 MHz
Output 146.730 MHz

118.8 Hz

GE MASTR II repeater

TX-RX 28-37-11E duplexer

Sinclair SD-224
4 element antenna

GE MASTR II UHF control receiver

Broadcast Tools DTD-16 DTMF control decoder

Ground Elevation: 3600' AMSL 

Antenna Height Above Ground: 120 feet 


Winter on English Mountain
Looking at Greentop 146.94 site  
Looking at Greentop (146.94 / 444.300 / 927.0625) from English Mtn (146.73)
Guess who got stuck in the snow?
Guess who got stuck in the snow?   Right in front of the old 146.73 building.  The new site is in the background.

The 146.73 repeater is dedicated to the Memory of its founders: 

                     Matt Kirby, WB4IOB 1950-2012                   Sam Kirby, WB4HAP   1944-2007



On Friday, January 29, 2016,  Tim, WB4GBI, and Todd, KA4OAK, met Kerry Klimecki and his crew (Tower Services from Chattanooga) on English Mountain. The 146.73 repeater was relocated to its new home inside the WGSN-FM transmitter building, and a brand-new Sinclair SD-224 was installed at 120 feet above ground. New 7/8" heliax cable was also installed. The results are outstanding! For the first time since its return to English Mountain in 2008, the 146.73 repeater is now operating again with the performance that it had when Sam, WB4HAP(SK), operated it from 1974 until his passing in 2007. Enjoy this "legacy" repeater with improved coverage and service! A HUGE "Thank You" to Todd, KA4OAK, for his work at the repeater site. Also, Thank You to those who contributed to the "WB4GBI repeater fund." You helped make these purchases possible. 

73 de Tim WB4GBI


The photos below show the 146.73 in its home atop English Mountain! 

146.73 in its new home146.73 new antenna

Repeater maintenance in the middle of the winter can pose unusual circumstances -
just in getting to the tower site!!! Welcome to a winter wonderland on English Mountain! There is often snow on the ground at this site, even when the "lower elevations" are clear! 

The antenna installation

Cable installation

The repeater was originally placed back in service on the crest of English Mountain 
at about 3pm on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008, and relocated with its new antenna and feed line on January 29, 2016! The photos above are of the crew from Tower Services of Chattanooga, who have installed numerous WB4GBI repeater antennae. 

Here you see the antenna farm within which
the 146.730 antenna is located, as seen
from the OLD 146.730 Site.

This repeater is dedicated to the memory of
Sam Kirby, WB4HAP-SK
Thank you Sam for your service to Amateur Radio


Look very closely.  That tiny tiny town 
down there, is actually NEWPORT Tennessee!

To the Right, you can see the only remnant of the
old 146.730 repeater site.  The abandoned
building is all that's left of where this machine
USED to live, from 1974 until the early 2000's. 

  A VERY SPECIAL "THANK YOU" to WGSN-FM, New Life 90.7 radio, for their support of the 146.73 repeater! 

WGSN-FM New Life 90.7 radio

(You can click on many of the photos for an even-closer look!)
This machine is now back to its original level of service from it's original home atop 
English Mountain in East Tennessee 
(in extreme southern Jefferson County, near the borders of Cocke & Sevier Counties)

By the way... here is a view from the mountain, looking back toward the smokies. 
(Notice the mountain tops are not very high... this is because from this vantage point, 
the mountain tops are only a bit higher than the repeater site!) 

 Second only in time of service to the 146.940 machine... this machine has been on the air since 1974. It has been one of the most prominent repeaters in this part of the country, spending the majority of it's useful life atop English Mountain.
The history of this repeater dates back to when there were only a handful of 2-meter repeaters available in Eastern Tennessee.

Some final adjustments 
Some Final Adjustments...
...and an appropriate tribute.

     The 146.73 repeater is one of East Tennessee's "Heritage" repeaters, having been placed on the air in 1974 by Sam (WB4HAP) and Matt (WB4IOB) Kirby. When the FCC was issuing licenses for repeaters, the 146.73 repeater held the call sign of WR4APU. The repeater had been operated maintained by Sam and Matt until Sam became a silent key in 2007. Tim acquired this repeater from Sam's estate on September 12, 2007... and moved the machine from Sam's home, to his own home... where it underwent some major refurbishing. It has been located in two other buildings before reaching this destination building in January 2016. The new Sinclair SD-224 and the 7/8" heliax was also installed. 

     When the .73 repeater was on the air under Sam and Matt's leadership, it occupied space close by on top of English Mountain. This site is a very high profile location, which enabled the .73  repeater to enjoy a very wide area footprint of the Eastern Tennessee landscape.  However, in later years, due to economic and political reasons, the machine was forced to evacuate it's strategic position, and was put into a much lower profile service at Sam Kirby's home.  There it remained, awaiting a better climate, which might allow it's return to English  Mountain.

 Sam, WB4HAP

      Sam's untimely death in August of 2007 placed those plans in jeopardy... but only temporarily, as Tim was determined to follow through on Sam's vision.  Now that it is once again back on English Mountain, with a new antenna, feedline, and duplexer (2009) in service, it is hoped that it will once again become a valuable resource to the East Tennessee Amateur community!  

In December of 2016, an 8 KW emergency backup generator was added to the English Mountain site. 146.73 now has full emergency backup power capability!