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2 - Meters 

145.430 repeater


146.850 repeater

147.150 repeater



900 Mhz


440.575 Mhz DMR repeater


D-STAR repeater




Repeater Statistics:

Receiver, Exciter, and Power Amplifier:
Motorola "Micor" Series

Duplexer: Celwave PD-497-1
six-cavity BpBr

Controller: Compter Automation Technology

Control Receiver: Motorola "Spectra TAC"

Transmission Line:  7/8" LDF Heliax
Antenna: Sinclair SD-224
280 ft above ground


The 147.075 repeater is dedicated to the memory of its founder:
George Shaver,  K4HXD   1943-1995


The 147.075 (+) repeater is located on McKinney Ridge, in 

the city of Knoxville, TN. on the west side of town, 
near the intersection of Interstates I-40/75 and I-640.

 This machine is located just West of downtown Knoxville,  making it perfect for local use.
It features an auto patch, a voice ID system and emergency backup power, which make it perfect for Emergency use 
in the urban areas of the city of Knoxville, 
while other larger scale coverage machines might be needed for larger-scale regional emergency communications. 147.075 front view

The 147.075 repeater shares the building with two 10 kilowatt solid-state transmitters which serve as backup transmitters for WIVK-FM and WOKI-FM.  The repeater site has full emergency power, and 147.075 has an open autopatch available for amateur use. It is requested that users ID ON and OFF when using the autopatch to comply with FCC rules. 


Photo above: The 147.075 antenna is located at 280 feet on the 300 foot tower. It is a Sinclair SD-224 four-element exposed dipole array. It is fed with 7/8" foam feedline.

The 147.075 repeater provides excellent local coverage in and closely around Knox County, and continues to provide a open autopatch for Amateur Radio use. 

In the photo to the left, you can see from top to bottom: The 100 Motorola "Micor" Power Amplifier (PA), then the 147.075 "Micor" exciter. Next is the homebrew control panel (similiar to the 146.94 and 444.3 repeaters), just above the CAT 1000 repeater controller. Below the controller is a rack panel that has a screw terminal for interfacing and control purposes. Below the panel is the Motorola "Spectra-Tac" UHF control receiver. The six cavity Celwave duplexer is visible to the left of the repeater cabinet. The 147.675 receiver power supply is at the bottom of the photo (the receiver is not shown in this photo)

Instructions for using the WB4GBI Autopatch:
  • Key your mic and identify yourself, with your intentions to use the autopatch...   Such as: "This is WX4ABC accessing the Autopatch..."
  • with the mic still keyed, and using your DTMF buttons... enter the (*) key.. followed by the 7-digit phone number.      (No Long Distance numbers will be accepted)
  • Release the mic key... and listen.  If the autopatch is accessed correctly, it will repeat back to you "Accessing Autopatch..." (followed by the number you just dialed)
  • You will then hear a series of beeps... while the machine dials your number.  In a few moments, you will hear the phone ringing... then your party will answer. 
  • Note:  Be sure to tell them they are on an autopatch, so they will know the conversation is being transmitted!
  • Carry on your conversation as normal - releasing your mic to hear the other party's responses. 
                      (Note: There is a 4-minute limit to each autopatch session!)
  • To hang up... simply key your mic, and press the (#) key -then release.
  • The Autopatch will hang up the phone, then ID itself... give the time... then ask you to "Please Identify..."
  • Give your callsign to let everyone know that you have finished using the autopatch, and have returned the repeater to normal use.


Behind the Scenes of the 147.075 repeater site 
 Harris Z10 transmitter


Here is a photo of one of the Harris "Z10" 10 kilowatt backup transmitters that are housed at this location.  The 147.075 repeater is located in the background to the left. 

A Brief 
History of the 147.075
147.075 has the distinction of being Knoxville's first privately owned open autopatch repeater.
It is now Knoxville's only autopatch repeater.

     George Shaver, K4HXD (now SK), originally put the repeater on  the air in 1982. It was placed in service at a the residence of "Doc" Gilmore, WA4MCX (now SK), who lived on top of Beaver Ridge in North Knox County. 
     Tim Berry purchased the repeater from George in 1986. He moved the repeater to Black Oak Ridge at the residence of Walter Taylor, father  of Greg, N4KAC. It remained at Mr. Taylor's home until  1992. 

     Tim relocated the repeater to the WUOT-FM Auxiliary transmitter site on the West side of Sharp's ridge shortly after Tim became the new Chief Engineer of WUOT-FM Radio in 1990.  This repeater remained there for several years, while Tim continued his work there... but he found a new location for the repeater in 1998. 

     The repeater was moved to its present location in 1998, after Tim accepted the position as Chief Engineer of WIVK-FM and its sister stations.  At this location, the radio stations have their backup transmitters, which make it a perfect spot for a repeater due to it's relative close-in location and emergency backup power system.