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The 53.15 repeater now has full emergency power! As of July 2017, a new 8 KW generator with a 250 gallon propane tank has been installed at the repeater site and is fully operational! Based on fuel capacity and consumption, there is enough fuel to completely power the site for several days. This insures the repeaters will be available for users and emcomm/auxcomm groups throughout any event that is needed. Equipment has also been installed to notify in the event of a power failure.  

73 de Tim WB4GBI

 six meter antenna repeater back 

From top to bottom, right photo: 12 volt high current power supply, Motorola "Micor" Power Amplifier, the transmitter "exciter," the homebrew control shelf, and the six meter receiver at the bottom. 


The WB4GBI 53.15 repeater was installed on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. Tim Montgomery (KE4OTZ) and I went to the 146.625 repeater site  near Look Rock. After a long journey from its purchase in Fall 2007, today was the day- it is finally on the air!

The repeater itself is a Motorola Micor, with a homebrew controller. The ID is a RACOM unit which came from commercial service. At present it is ID'ing every 10 minutes, in a "bacon" style of operation. The repeater (right photo) and duplexer (below) are mostly the same as they were when Sam Kirby  (WB4HAP-SK) had the repeater on English Mountain. The Antenna (left photo) is a Sinclair single-bay side mounted "trombone" antenna which is mounted right under 146.625's antenna at 120 feet on the tower.  It is fed with new Andrew 1/2" heliax. The repeater is operating at 50 watts duplex power.  There is no tone required to access the repeater. I hope to hear you on 53.15 soon! 

A HUGE  "Thank you" to Tim, KE4OTZ, for his work on installing the 53.15 repeater antenna on the tower!


73 de Tim WB4GBI

Here is a photo of the 6 meter duplexer. Yes, it IS that tall!
6 meter duplexer